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Brand coaching is a process where we support you in defining and building your brand identity. We help you formulate a clear brand strategy, determine your unique positioning, and create a consistent brand experience through coaching sessions. This can be achieved in as little as one session or more depending on the specific brand needs.

Together, we focus on goals, values, and target audience(s). Based on these, we provide targeted guidance and advice to strengthen and grow your brand.

Whether you are a startup needing a strong brand foundation or an established company, organization, or government entity looking to (re)position your brand, we offer the expertise and strategic insights to guide you on your brand journey. This coaching can be conducted individually or in small team settings of up to 8 people.

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Training Podcast Branding


Discover the Power of Podcasting with our Podcast Training(s) Are you looking to amplify yourself and your organization in the expanding world of podcasts? We offer comprehensive Podcast Training(s) that teach you all the skills and knowledge necessary to start a successful podcast. Our experienced trainers guide you step by step through the process of setting up and producing your own podcast. We teach you essential techniques and storytelling strategies. During the training, you'll also learn how to create high-quality content, conduct engaging interviews, apply effective storytelling, and promote your podcast to reach a wider audience. We share our insights and best practices. Whether you're a professional looking to share expertise, an entrepreneur aiming to strengthen your brand, or simply passionate about a specific topic, our Podcast Training(s) are suitable for anyone eager to make their voice heard. Sign up today for our Podcast Power training via and discover how to make an impact in the exciting world of podcasting.

Training Employer Branding

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The training begins with an explanation of what employer branding entails and why it is crucial for organizations. It covers the concepts and principles of employer branding, such as creating an attractive employer identity, building a positive reputation, and attracting talent. An effective employer branding training includes a phase of analysis and research. This involves understanding the current perception of the brand as an organization and identifying strengths and areas for improvement. A key part of the training is developing an employer branding strategy and determining the tactics and platforms to execute that strategy. This includes identifying target audiences, defining organizational norms, values, and formulating a unique proposition. We discuss best practices for creating compelling content, optimizing social media presence, and implementing attractive recruitment processes. An Employer Branding training at Mackintosh Branding consists of interactive sessions, case studies, and practical exercises to engage participants and help them develop specific skills and knowledge in employer branding. The goal of the training is to equip organizations with the right strategies and tools to build a strong employer brand, attract, and retain top talent.

Training Personal Branding

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The training typically begins with a self-reflection process where individuals identify their strengths, values, passions, and career goals. This helps them gain a clear understanding of their personal identity #DNA and what they aim to achieve in their careers. Following this, participants learn how to differentiate themselves from others and communicate their unique value proposition. They learn to understand their target audience, highlight their expertise, and create a consistent message that positions their personal branding in alignment with their professional goals. An important aspect of personal branding is building a strong online presence and cultivating valuable professional networks. The training shares best practices and strategies for optimizing social media profiles, creating engaging content, and establishing relationships with industry professionals and beyond. Effective communication and presentation skills are crucial for personal branding. The training may include workshops and exercises to help participants improve their verbal and non-verbal communication, storytelling abilities, and presentation techniques. The goal of personal branding training is to assist individuals in building their professional brand, enhancing their career opportunities, and standing out in their field.

Training Social Media

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Enhance Your Social Media Presence with Our Intensive Training Program! Social media is an essential tool for businesses, organizations, and government entities alike. Our training sessions are designed to impart advanced skills and strategies needed to thrive in the competitive world of social branding. Learn to create engaging content that makes a meaningful impact and encourages meaningful interactions. Discover effective techniques to organically grow your follower base and leverage social media algorithms to maximize your reach. From crafting compelling visuals to writing captivating text content, our experts guide you through the process of creatively generating content that resonates with your target audience. Develop your strategic social media deployment with our focused training! In the rapidly changing world of social media, a thoughtful strategy is crucial to achieving your goals. Our training provides the knowledge, hacks, and skills necessary to plan, execute, and sustain your social media activities in a strategic and effective manner. Discover how to identify and understand your target audience, enabling you to create targeted messages that have an impact. Learn how to build and maintain a consistent brand image. Additionally, understand how to use social media as a platform for customer service and building brand-customer relationships.

Training Content Creation



(Groeps)Training Buitenland


Content creation is an essential component of successful brand and marketing strategies. It involves creating, publishing, and sharing valuable and relevant content to attract, engage, and retain an audience, while also delivering impact. An effective content creation training focuses on developing skills and strategies to produce engaging and persuasive content. It begins with understanding the target audience and identifying their needs, challenges, and interests. Then, you learn how to translate these insights into compelling stories, blog posts, videos, infographics, social media updates, and other creative content formats.

Why a Social Branding Training Abroad is a Great Idea: Cultural Diversity: A Social Branding Training abroad exposes you to different cultures and perspectives. This broadens your understanding of diverse markets and consumer behavior. Inspiration and Creativity: A new environment can ignite your creativity. Attending a Social Branding Training abroad gives you the opportunity to gain new ideas and inspiration from experts and fellow participants. This leads to fresh and innovative approaches to branding. Networking Opportunities: Participating in training abroad connects you with professionals from various regions and industries. This opens doors to valuable networking connections, potentially leading to collaborations, new clients, relationships, and business opportunities. Intensive Focus: Training abroad offers a concentrated learning experience. Away from daily distractions, you can fully focus on enhancing your branding skills and knowledge. This results in a deep understanding of social branding and the ability to apply what you've learned immediately. Personal Growth: Training abroad challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and gain new experiences. This promotes personal growth and confidence, enabling you to effectively represent your brand and demonstrate leadership. In summary, a Social Branding Training abroad provides a unique learning experience, cultural enrichment, inspiration, and valuable networking opportunities. It's an investment that elevates your branding skills and helps your brand grow. We offer these training sessions in Ibiza and France, along with an optional side program. Group training is available for 2 participants from one organization, groups of 4-8 participants from one organization, or customized training based on mutual agreement. Training locations are accessible by personal transport.

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